Be the effective national organization of construction contractors in Sri Lanka and the premier center of excellence in the construction industry


Attract, retain, lead, serve and represent construction contractors in Sri Lanka, through an effective national organization & a branch network, in order to foster, safeguard and promote the interests & development of the construction community and the construction industry to the satisfaction of all stakeholders of the construction industry, while helping to preserve the environment and heeding to social responsibilities, resulting in enhanced contribution of the construction industry to the national economic and social development

Our Goals

Organizational Development

To become an effective, recognized, sound and strong umbrella organization of construction contractors, having a broad based membership, while adhering to good governance and superior management practices

Branch Network Development

To establish and operate a branch network under the main umbrella organization, serving the needs and aspirations of the members.

External Relations

To be a recognized spear group in the construction industry to the government, funding agencies, multilateral agencies, private sector construction clients, overseas construction contractor associations, construction and engineering institutions, trade associations and other stakeholders.

Construction Industry Development & Excellence

To foster, safeguard and promote the interests of the domestic construction contractors, other stakeholders and the Construction industry and to facilitate and develop excellence in construction, while promoting the best practices of construction in line with environmental and social well-being, ensuring sustainable development for the betterment of the society and thereby the country.

Member Development and Services for Members

To assist members to gain high standards in technological, managerial, financial, legal, business and operational competencies to achieve quality, efficiency, safety and business goals, while fulfilling felt needs of members.

Center of Excellence in the Construction in Industry

To be a reliable resource base to assimilate and disseminate data, information, knowledge and technology for the construction related business community

NCASL code of ethics

  • To act in accordance with the constitution and by laws or any other rules and regulations of the association those are in force or may come into force from time to time
  • To uphold the honor and dignity of the construction industry by being fair and honest in business dealings which should be guided by the principles of justice of equity
  • To foster good understanding and conduct with honor and dignity in relations with the fellow contractors
  • To co-operate with fellow contractors for the protection and advancement of the construction industry
  • To exert no un-due influence or offer, solicit, and/accept compensation with the purpose of affecting a fair tender or negotiation for any contract
  • Shall not publish confidential or derogatory information about another person or offer deduction from are published tender time at any time
  • To carry out the contractual obligations to clients maintaining high ethical level and to faithfully perform the undertaking with quality service.
  • To be fair and just to the employee and sub contractors
  • To recognize, respect, co-operate and work in harmony with the construction association, and federations, professional bodies technical institutions or any other organizations relating to the construction industry in time of difficulties
  • To hold himself dedicated to he position that the construction industry should be rid of individuals whose reputation conduct and practices are inimical to the industry and public in general

Well Documented

  • NCASL represents more than 2000 members
  • NCASL ‘s recognition & reputation from the Govt.& the construction community
  • Provide direct employment for more than 500,000 people through its membership.
  • Indirect employment of more than 2,000,000 people through forward of backward linkages of the construction industry
  • Construction growth rate contribution of about 8% to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • Construction industry contributes of about 49.59% of the Gross Domestic Fixed Capital Formation
  • Construction industry cater to a number of other basic requirements such as economic & social infrastructure
  • Members consume a large portion of construction inputs such as goods, materials, and equipment & construction industry related services
  • Capacity to influence the decision makers in policy initiatives



NCASL was established as Builders Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) in May 21st 1957. In December 16th 1981, it was renamed as the Association of Construction Contractors of Sri Lanka (ACCSL) and Cabinet Approval was given on 10th August 1988 (Cabinet paper 116 of 1988). Finally in March 04th 2002 it was renamed as the National Construction Association of Sri Lanka. Currently NCASL has a membership of more than 2000 and clustered into 11 provincial branches. NCASL celebrated its silver jubilee on 2006-12-16 as the leader & representative of more than 2000 domestic construction contractors.