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The national construction association of Sri Lanka which is undoubtedly a more effective and accepted organization in the construction sector, has been mindful about the social obligations, while improving its capacities year after year

The construction sector suffered a serious setback due to a prolonged war situation prevailed in the country for 30 long years. The above situation has seriously affected the small and medium scale contractors and most of them went out of business. Due to the cordial relationship, the NCASL maintained with the government of Sri Lanka, it was able to convince the pathetic plight of the small and medium contractors to HE the president, through the line ministers to open up job opportunities for them. The government having understood the above reality, obtained the cabinet approval for construction of 1000 “Mahindodaya” technological laboratory buildings through the NCASL without calling for tenders. Suitable contractors were selected by the NCASL together with the provincial secretary and executed these projects as per the engineer’s estimates. This Mahindodaya program has been implemented by the selected members of the NCASL in 03 phases.

Mahindodaya Laboratory project phase 1 and 2 consisted of 414 buildings were completed satisfactorily within the given time period. Since the progress of tis approach has been time saving and effective, the government has ordered another 250 projects worth 25 million to our contractors in the provinces. The construction works of those projects are also in progress and will be completed within a few months.

Though the quoted prices were low, the NCASL is very much encouraged that they were able to motivate the recipients of the projects members to consider it as a duty on their part to improve the schools where they have either studied or their children are studying even if there is no profit. The recipients of the phase 3 have volunteered to put up a 1500 seating capacity auditorium at Mahinda Rapaksha Vidyalaya, Pitipana, Homagama as a gesture of gratitude to the government for the consideration it has given by providing job opportunities especially for the small and medium contractors who were without jobs for many years.

It is heartening to note than some of the other ministers are also considering following the same system when implementing medium scale development projects of this nature