The NCASL is its members; it was established by members; it is managed, organized and financed by its members who maintain independence of thought and action in seeking to advance the safe and profitable business of construction.

Members have the resources to voice opinions, stay current and in touch with each other in fruitful relationship with NCASL members. Members get the opportunity to have leader ship & representation by NCASL as the voice of the domestic construction contractors for survival, growth & profitability.

When you join NCASL, you will find yourself in a group of like-minded individuals who share your ideas. You will finally have a voice and a place to turn to as an owner in the construction industry. We are here to regularly provide information beneficial to owners in dealing with consultants, architects, engineers, sureties, contractors and all involved in the construction industry. Here are a few highlights of the benefits our members receive:


  • Gain recognition & qualification to get govt. construction works
  • Continual performance improvement
  • Easy access to knowledge, data information, Construction industry news, research findings

Participate in collective actions with other members & the NCASL for a better construction industry & construction business & access to knowledge, data information, Construction industry news, research findings.

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