The National Construction Association of Sri Lanka under the terms and conditions laid down in its memorandum of articles has decided to enroll associate members to develop, improve and maintain close linkage with the construction material and service providers to enhance quality and standards of the industry and ensuring the end users to grasp the value for money products.

Benefits to the associate member

  • Easy access to 2000 active constructors
  • To approach the constructors through the branch net work and the secretariat
  • To lead and represent the voice of the issues pertaining to the products and services
  • To access the knowledge and information of the construction industry
  • Easy marketing promotions, advertising and business developments
  • Be able to take collective actions
  • Carry out less risky smooth contracts
  • Less dispute in contracts, even if there are disputes, the NCASL will undertake to minimize same
  • Easy access to feed back product and service performance
  • Could obtain first hand information on product and service needs
  • Easy access to introduce new products and services to obtain feedback
  • Secure market stability