About Us

The National Construction Association of Sri Lanka (NCASL) is dedicated to foster and promote the interest and advancement of the construction contractors & that of construction industry, while representing and leading the construction contractors in Sri Lanka. NCSAL is providing a necessary technical support to its contractors in various ways.

NCASL is the National Association representing and giving leadership to all domestic Construction Contractors and committed to develop and uplift the Construction Industry in Sri Lanka. The NCASL is the only organization which exclusively caters to the needs and interests of professional construction works

Presently NCASL has more than 2000 members including individual probationers, corporate members, and construction owners in both public and private sectors along with academic and associate members. The NCASL used their collective strength to shine a light on Industry relationships and practices standards for business ethics, education and labour matters. Their efforts have had a powerful voice and a source of support for the construction industry.

NCASL is supporting and strengthening the operations of the construction community including the Construction Material & Equipment Suppliers and other input providers such as Insurance & Financial Organizations. NCASL maintains fruitful relationships with International Contractors Associations & Federations such as International Federation of Asian & Western Pacific Contractors' Association - IFAWPCA, CICA...etc with a high degree of recognition.